6 November 2012

Visual Puns and Recycling

My new job has left me with little time to post, but in the spirit of keeping my hand in here's a little pun I came up with yesterday:

I prefer one of these myself:

Though it's a surprisingly mediocre drink for such a classic.

In other ramblings today is Melbourne Cup Day. As you can see from this earlier post, the winner today should complete the race in some time less than a minute, while possibly being outrun by Hicham El Guerrouj who, according to Ten News, is already trackside and becoming belligerent.

Lastly, a hearty congratulations to Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, who managed to dodge Kerry O'Brien's questions about the latest live export fuck-up like a fly dodging a rolled up newspaper. Reading between the lines, I think Senator Ludwig's point was essentially, "we put regulations in place so we can control the slaughter of animals exported overseas. If that sometimes falls in a heap and a bunch of state-sanctioned, drunken butchers happens to be let loose on the odd mob of sheep then so fucking what? We put regulations in place dickhead." No doubt Senator Ludwig's position will shift over the coming days in the face of the inevitable shit-storm.
Typically, I've already covered things in an earlier post.