15 February 2007

General Preamble

So, like the summary thing says, this is a more permanent, and hopefully more frequent continuation of the group emails I used to send out to friends - "Strange Stories & Disturbing Monologues."
It also gives me a place to put some of my writing (short stories, excerpts from my novel etc.), and provides a place for me to bang out something that will perhaps amuse or entertain, while simultaneously getting me back into the habit of writing, a habit I have been slack in maintaining of late, in preparation for a second novel that I can feel percolating very faintly in the back of my brain.


Rob said...

I am disappointed that your favourite Aunty didn't rate a mention

Jon Carr said...

The thought of some Scott Howard ramblings, sent down the ethernet on a more regular basis, excites me.

Have to get a copy of the first book before you complete the second!


Matthew said...

Nice one drummy.

Look forward to the next blog.

You were robbed in the PM competition IMO !!!