21 October 2011

The Wipers (not the punk band)

 1. Usual configuration. The meat and three veg of windscreen wipers.

2. Bit more up-market. Always exciting when it looks like the blades will hit each other in the middle.

3. Even more exciting as far as potential for crashing into each other. Seems like the ratio of wiper to windscreen is a little overly generous - "I could wipe way more windscreen if I wanted to."

4. The minimalist wiper.

5. Minimalist with a twist. High chance of having an accident because you're trying to see how it does that little jig in the middle, rather than concentrating on the road.

6. No nonsense. Good for the armoured vehicle you've knocked up in your garage in preparation for the apocalypse.

7. Inspiration for the Sydney Opera House. Good for confusing junkies trying to do your windscreen at traffic lights.

8. Old school. This is how the wipers worked on Fred Flinstone's car.

9. Vintage. This is the design favoured by '20s gangsters. And their molls.

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Anonymous said...

Haaaa! You're crazy! I enjoyed this. M.R.